Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but without proper planning, they can be a disaster.  Here are some helpful tips to avoid turning your big day into a big mess!

  • Timing is everything: If you're having a summer wedding, don't plan the ceremony in the middle of the day when the heat is at its worst.  Try for an early ceremony and get you and your guests out of the scorching heat!
  • Electricity: An outdoor venue means a lack of electrical outlets. Be sure to plan ahead, many vendors will bring extension cords if they are going to need them, but not all of them will.  Make sure you check in with all of your vendors to see what their electrical needs are so you can be sure to come prepared.  
  • Restrooms: Make sure to scope out restrooms at/around your outdoor venue.  Is there a viable option close enough to your event space? If not, consider renting a restroom trailer.  
  • Elements: Make sure to have a backup plan for rain.  No matter how much you plan, you can never be too careful when it comes to Mother Nature's unpredictability. Is your wedding in a location notorious for wind? Consider this when planning your outdoor wedding! A windy day calls for extra precautions.  Be careful of dresses and light fabrics that will blow up in the wind. Make sure decorations, tents, tables, and chairs are all secured well to keep from a disaster if the wind picks up!
  • Be smitten not bitten: Consider setting up citronella candles or other bug repellents around your outdoor venue or providing bug spray for your guests.  Bug repellent is often overlooked but it is a big life saver in the summer months.  Extra tip: if you are supplying bug spray try for non-greasy or strong smelling versions!
  • Lighting: If you’re planning on partying the night away make sure to invest in some lighting for your venue. Depending on the venue they may already have lighting set up or available for rental, but others may require you to bring your own.  Make sure to check with your venue about their available lighting. 
  • Shoes: All ladies know stilettos and grass are not a great mix, consider purchasing heel plugs to prevent your heels from sinking into the grass. Or skip the heels and wear wedges or flats, your feet will be thanking you later!
  • Trash: Make sure you confirm with the venue that there will be trash/recycling bins available and enough of them, if not make sure to bring your own. You always want to leave the property in better condition than you found it!