Basic Wedding Shower Etiquette

If you are a hosting a wedding shower for that special bride in your life, a lot of factors may come into play during the planning process. While it’s fun to get wrapped up on Pinterest finding inspiration for themes, decorations and recipes, it’s important to keep etiquette in mind. We’ve included some basic etiquette guidelines to consider.

Guest List

A bridal shower should be an intimate gathering of the bride’s closest friends and family. Ensure that every guest is also already on the wedding guest list.


Invitations should go out four to six weeks in advance. Don’t be afraid to be non-traditional and use an chic online initiation (we love Paperless Post!).   Be sure to include RSVP instructions.


Plan a simple menu with a few of the bride’s favorite dishes, a signature cocktail and a divine dessert.

Source: Etsy

Bridal Shower Traditions

Invite the groom to show up with flowers just before the bride opens the gifts. Or, make a bouquet out of the ribbons and bows from the gifts to use as a stand-in at the wedding rehearsal.

Game Time

Bridal shower games are intended to help guests get to know each other, especially when many groups of people are invited. If the bride’s wishes are to avoid games, think of other creative ways to encourage conversation.


Many bridal showers have a theme for gifts, such as bed & bath, entertaining, or a personal lingerie shower. Be sure to let the guests know on the invite if you choose to go with a theme, as well as where the bride and groom are registered.