Three Simple Pineapple Party Ideas

We admit it - we've jumped on the pineapple bandwagon. Gold pineapples, natural pineapples, real pineapples, fake pineapples... we love them all! Incorporating this trendy fruit into your next party can add a splash of fun, and it also just so happens the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality. Very fitting! We've included three simple ideas that can help you integrate pineapples into your next celebration, whether it's a wedding shower or just a girls' night in! 

Pineapple Vases 
DIY your own floral arrangement by hollowing out a pineapple, and using it as a vase for your centerpiece. Any colorful or tropical flowers will accent the texture and shape of the pineapple . You can even paint the pineapple gold for a glamorous twist. 

Pineapple Art
Simply adding a framed pineapple print to your bar cart or wall can help incorporate pineapples in a sophiticated way. Etsy is a great source for pineapple prints and photos, and even offers a wide variety of ones you can print yourself! (We downloaded our black & white print from The Alison Show

Pineapple Drinks & Appetizers 
After you hollow out those pineapples, there's no need to waste the delicious fruit from inside! Use the juice for a delicious rum punch, or whip up a batch of fresh pineapple salsa.