Tips for Starting a Book Club

For those who love a good novel, stimulating conversation, and a reason to enjoy a good glass of wine, starting or joining a book club may be the perfect hobby for you. Book clubs are a great way to develop new friendships while enjoying a mutual love of reading. The following tips can help you start your own successful and enjoyable group!

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#1: Choose a fun, dedicated mix of like-minded people who are willing to commit the time and energy to book club meetings and discussions.


#2: Read a wide selection of books. A book club gives you the opportunity to experience a variety of genres, authors and writing styles outside of your normal interests, and maybe even find a new favorite!


#3: Decide together as a group what the right frequency and pace is for your reading assignments and discussions. The last thing you want is for reading to feel like homework. Keep it casual and eliminate the pressure to get the most out of the experience.


#4: Incorporate elements of the book into your book club meeting. From baking a dessert mentioned to meeting at a restaurant similar to one featured, use your creativity to experience what the characters experienced.


#5:  Have each group member prepare a discussion question in advance to stimulate conversation and interaction. You may be surprised of the different perspectives each member can bring to the table.