Graduation Party Tips

Spring graduation season is just around the corner. Celebrate the important milestone in your graduate's life with an easy-going, personalized gathering with all your friends and family. The following tips will help you make Graduation Day even more memorable.


Find the perfect venue
Find a venue that fits the vibe you have in mind, and also that fits the needs of your guest list and food & drink requests. We hosted our gathering at local brewery Lucky Bucket for a fun, casual atmosphere, that featured the graduate's favorite brew.


Choose a unique element
Make the party personalized by incorporating the personality of your graduate into a unique event element. We centered our party around a Whiskey Tasting and Cigar Bar, two of our graduate's favorites.


Create your own party brand + logo
To honor the graduate, we created a logo for the party, incorporating the university's mascot (a Maverick) with Tyler's initials. We created labels for the whiskey cups, napkins, cigars and matchboxes. This is a simple, inexpensive way to tie everything together.


Serve a simple and budget-friendly menu
We chose simple appetizers and snack foods to complement the local beer options and informal vibe of the party. The combination of warm dip, salty snack mix and crunchy veggies was perfect.

Spinach + Artichoke Dip
Veggie Ranch Cups
Homemade Pub Mix
Spiced Nut Mix
Meat + Cheese Tray Popcorn Bar