Organization Style | Under the Cabinet Spice Rack

Whenever you prepare to cook or bake your favorite recipes, you know it is often a chore to find the spice you are looking for in that designated spice cabinet. With some simple DIY organization, you can streamline this process to save time and frustration, and also free up that always needed extra cabinet space After being fed up with searching and spices flying off the shelves, my boyfriend and I took all of our spices and put them on display with our Under the Cabinet Spice Rack. For less than $50 and only a couple of hours, we revamped the way we see our cumin and garlic salt. This is a great project to involve that special guy in your life, and do as a couple.


What You Need:

Baby Food Jars (dependent on number of spices you have) Martha Stewart Chalk Board Paint White Craft Paint Pen Ruler Strong Magnets Painters or Masking Tape 16 Gauge Metal Strips (Home Depot or Lowe's) Liquid Nails

What To Do:

1. Clean baby food jars and lids, and remove label. We recommend using hot water and Goo Gone to remove the adhesive. Set to dry.

2. After you've chosen where you would like to hang your spices, attach the 16 Gauge Metal Strips to the bottom of the cabinet near the edge with Liquid Nails. Hold for a couple of minutes, and then keep in place with masking tape while it dries.

3. While that is setting, return to the baby food jars and make sure they are completely dry. Using a ruler, mark 1 inch up from the bottom of each jar, and tap around leaving that 1 inch area exposed. Using the chalkboard paint and a small foam paint brush, apply as many coats as necessary (probably 3). Along with painting the jars, pain the lids as well.

4. When the lids are dry (30 minutes), it is time to apply the magnets. Using a little bit of liquid nails, apply a magnet to the middle of the top of each lid. Let these dry for at least 2 hours.

5. Once the jars are dry, it is time to label with your favorite spices. You can use chalk, but for permanent labeling, we recommend a white paint pen.


6. After all is dry, fill the jars with your spices, put the lids on, and hang on the strips.

With these simple steps, you have a decorative way to keep your spices organized, and a great conversation piece for when your next dinner party.