Host Your Own Local Beer Tasting

Wine tastings are popular, but beer tastings are becoming more and more common across local restaurants and breweries. Often when choosing a beer to sip on, we pick our go-to's, such as a Budweiser or  Coors Light. Our brother, a serious beer fan, came to visit so we decided to host our own beer tasting at home, welcoming him back with a selection of our area's local brews.

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For a small crowd, we chose 12 different, original beers from breweries in our state to sample. As everyone has individual beer preferences, we offered a mix of wheat, lagers, ales and IPA's to please everyone's palate, but also for the change to try a new kind outside of the 'comfort zone'. An inexpensive way to purchase a variety of beers is to do a "Build Your Own 6-Pack", offered at most grocery stores (locally in Omaha, Hy-Vee and Baker's both offer wide selections!).  To sample the selections, we distributed shot-size glasses, just enough for a simple taste. After each taste, glasses were rinsed and small salty snacks were served.

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Each taster filled out tasting sheets after each sample, marking the qualities and flavors of the different beers. For beer connoisseurs, we suggest covering up the bottles so the labels are hidden and all tasting is blind. Then, challenge your guests to guess each type of beer. This spices it up and creates an even more interactive environment.

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Among our featured brews were:

Lucky Bucket - Omaha, NE

Zipline - Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Brewing Company -Papillion, NE

Millstream Brewing  Company - Amana, IA

Goose Island (Although not local) - Chicago, IL

Try your very own beer tasting using your local brews, or take a group to visit a local brewery. This makes for a great event, or a day out experiencing a little culture.