Chopped: Salad with Style

With dinner parties always featuring indulgent courses and sweet treats, we switched it up for Bachelor Monday and served up dinner “Chopped” style. We took leaf lettuce and a frenzy of vegetables for each guest to customize their own signature salad, for once obeying those New Year’s resolutions. Accompanying red and green leaf lettuce, we chopped up a variety of fresh ingredients and crunchy toppings. Our selections included mini bell peppers, red onion, diced tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, slivered almonds and fried onions. To add substance and protein the meal, we added baked Thai-ginger chicken breasts, mozzarella cheese and chilled black beans. Garlic bread was served on the side to complement the fresh tastes.

IMG_0260 2

To pair with the salads, we chose a light, bubbly white wine sparkler. With such a light entrée, we did not want to overpower it with a cocktail or red wine that would overpower the flavor.

Our “Chopped” perspective was continued with dessert with a Salted Coffee Ice Cream cup topped with coarsely chopped Oreo’s. This bite-size delight was the perfect top off to the night.

photo (8)

This meal was very simple, but yet very interactive and appealing to the eye. Each could create their own plate to please their palate, creating conversation and culinary creativity.


How would you “Chop”? Share your most unique salad toppings.