Valentine's Day Sisterhood Soirée

Love is in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day next week. Whether you look forward to the holiday or prefer to avoid it, it is a perfect time to get together for a sophisticated soiree, just for the ladies. Our Valentine’s Day Sisterhood Soiree featured petite brunch bites and an elaborate table setting built for conversation, laughter, and a signature craft.

To set the table, and the mood, we accented shades of reds and pinks with metallic gold. We created a simple and inexpensive table runner that looked like an exclusive piece by using thick blush, chevron-printed wrapping paper. Gold polka-dot placements and gold chargerss outlined the white place settings. Vintage gold-rimmed water glasses and champagne glasses tied in the accent color and mixing patterns gave depth to the table design for a complete look. Sangria-colored cloth napkins from World Market were styled at each place setting with a glittered champagne cork place card, which double served as a favor. We folded the napkins into a ribbon shaped and secured with a coordinating pink ribbon.


The focal point of the table was our own Pop, Fizz,Clink-designed floral centerpiece, made from two mixed bouquets from Trader Joes. With a little creativity, we combined the different types of flowers into a vintage oblong container that brought together all the colors from the table. This added a personal touch at a low cost, and was a perfect centerpiece for the table.


With the pop of a cork, we cheered to our sisterhood with Blackberry Thyme Sparklers, a light and refreshing cocktail to complement the brunch menu.


We dished up petite treats, which were just the right size for a brunch. Our mother’s classic Chicken Salad was served on freshly baked cream puffs, too irresistible to have just one. Garlic-Herb Cucumber Bites, Honey Ricotta Turnovers, and Valentine Fruit Skewers were among the accompanying selections.


Our dessert spread featured Mini White-Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecakes, Dipped Rice Krispy Treats, and Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache Whoopie Pies.


To commemorate the event, we selected a signature craft that required limited skill but unlimited creativity. Using basic white ceramic mugs, each guest decorated their own with gold and red metallic Sharpies. After decorated, we baked them in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to ensure the design didn’t disappear after use. Implementing a craft is a unique way to engage your guests and create a memorable element.


On the Menu: 

Chicken Salad + Cream Puffs

Honey Ricotta Turnover Recipe: Ang Sarap

Garlic Herb Cucumber Bites Recipe: Annie's Eats

Valentine Fruit Skewers

Blackberry Thyme Sparklers Recipe: The Effortless Chic

Mini White Chocolate-Amaretto Cheesecakes

Dipped Rice Krispy Treats Recipe: It's Written On The Walls

Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache Whoopie Pies Recipe: Surf and Sunshine

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Share your best ideas for the holiday with us, or check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.