Cranberry 'Merry' Mojitos

The holidays are the definition of celebration, and the perfect time to add a little Pop, Fizz, and Clink with a signature cocktail. With the combination of Christmas parties, family gatherings, and New Years Eve soiree’s right around the corner, it can be challenging to make each event unique. A Signature Drink is a simple, memorable element that will wow the crowd. For a recent corporate holiday party, we hosted a drink station featuring Cranberry 'Merry' Mojitos.

Cranberry Mojito 3

Inspired by the colors and flavors of the season, we added a holiday twist to the classic mojito. The signature drink combined fresh cranberries, mint leaves and rum to encourage holiday spirit and fun conversation. A simple garnish of lime and a festive paper straw pulled it all together, and the final product was aesthetically appealing and a delicious delight to guests.

Cranberry Mojito 2

Cranberry 'Merry' Mojitos

1 bunch fresh mint
½ cup sugar
1 ¾ Bacardi Rum
1 ¼ cups fresh lime juice
¾ cup frozen cranberry concentrate
2 10 oz bottle sparkling water, chilled

Crush mint with sugar in the bottom of large pitcher with a wooden spoon. Add rum and lime juice. Stir until all sugar is dissolved.

Mix in thawed cranberry concentrate and sparkling water. Add in 6 cups of ice. Serve with a lime garnish, cranberry skewers, and a sugared rim.

Recipe inspired by: Bon Appetit

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