5 Tips to Crafting Signature Cocktails

A signature cocktail can help you add a personal touch to your gathering as well as express the ambiance of your celebration. It’s a great option when you have a tight budget to stick to, instead of offering (and splurging on) a full bar. The following tips can help you craft a memorable and delicious drink for your next party.


Appeal to the tastes of your guests:
Base your cocktail on a classic spirit such as vodka, whiskey or tequila and add your own spin to it. Guests will be more likely to try and enjoy unique cocktails when they are already a fan of the liquor. 


Select appropriate glassware:
Choose your glassware based on the drink and the type of party. Martini glasses are great for a formal dinner party, but a more comfortable glass such as a highball may be more appropriate for a cocktail party where people are mingling.

Consider the seasons:
Complement the season and the atmosphere of your party by choosing drinks that align with the time of year. A red sangria or cider full of spices is great for fall, while Irish coffees are perfect for winter. In the spring and summer, choose light and fruity combinations.

Keep it simple:
Select a drink you can prepare in batches beforehand. Serve in a large glass beverage server or punch bowl to avoid playing bartender all night. Plus, this way your drink can also as décor or a centerpiece.

Offering a signature cocktail is also a great way to incorporate popular and trendy cocktails. One of our recent favorites is the Moscow Mule. This classic drinks has been gaining popularity at bars and lounges during the past year and is definitely a crowd pleaser. We’ve included our own recipe below.

What are some of your favorite signature cocktails? Share your recipes in the comment section below!


Moscow Mule
1.5 ounces vodka
2/3 cup ginger beer
Fresh lime juice, to taste
Fresh mint leaves

Garnish with lime slice or mint sprig. Serve over ice in copper mug.