Grilled Cantaloupe

The heat is on. As the end of summer heat is in full force, grills all over the nation continue to heat up as well. Summertime is known as the season for barbeques and grilling out. July is even known “National Grilling Month.” Grilling has fallen into a trend, where lighting up your grill has become more of an experience and an art. Gone is the day where grills are only used for your basic hamburgers and hot dogs. Now, recipes from the celebrity chefs and your neighbor next door feature unique foods with the theory that just about anything can be put on the grill.


Last weekend, we lit up the charcoal grill for some traditional BBQ Chicken. After a trip to the local farmer’s market earlier that day, we decided to throw the fresh vegetables on the grill as well. That was going to be it until my boyfriend informed me that GQ magazine says “near everything must be grilled (even the banana splits).” So, with a cantaloupe sitting on the counter, we decided to throw it on the grill too.

With the natural, sweet sugars of the melon, and the slight char on the grill grates, no other ingredients were needed. The result was surprisingly tasty, and the perfect compliment to the summertime meal. We loved it so much, we tweeted it in to Food Network’s #Grilling Central. They liked it too, and featured it on their #Grilling Central Fan Feed.


Try it, and let us know what you think. What’s your favorite thing to grill?