21st Birthday Celebration

A 21st birthday should always be a memorable event, full of friends, family, cake, and of course, delicious drinks. To celebrate Kelsey’s spring birthday (and to match her bright personality, we accessorized with bright pops of pink, orange and yellow and chose a menu with bold and fresh flavors. We kept the centerpiece simple, adding a fresh bouquet of orchids and lavender, and letting the simplistic design of the birthday cake shine. To add depth and interest to the food display, we wrapped boxes of varying heights with coordinating wrapping paper under the platters and bowls. A glass pitcher of ice water with cucumbers and pink-striped candy sticks in a vase both added a splash of color.


The menu was simple and easy to prepare ahead of time - shredded chicken tacos and nacho bar and fresh fruit served in waffle cones. The evening’s signature cocktail was a Tequila Sunrise, premade and served in mason jars (both aesthetically pleasing and simple!). The refreshing Leinenkugel Summer Shandy was an alternative for the beer-drinkers.

Dinner + Dessert
- Shredded Chicken Tacos + Nachos 
- Fresh Fruit, served in Waffle Cones
- Vanilla Confetti Cake
- Keylime Cheeseball w/ Ginger Snaps


- Tequila Sunrises, served in Mason Jars
- Leinenkugal Summer Shandy


- Vanilla Confetti Cake
- Keylime Cheeseball w/ Ginger Snaps